Thursday, August 28, 2008

Benny went to the beach!!

Hey, I have some awesome pics of the little man at Seaside, Oregon. I took him a few weeks ago to visit a friend. It was his first time at a big, expansive beach and he LOVED it.
Oh, and I thought I'd throw in a couple totally cool pics of my crash wounds from the STP in July (Seattle to Portland bike tour). Yay for scars. :-)

In this picture, he was slowly bobbing his head down towards the water and back up again. We figured out he was watching his zipper handle float up and down as he lowered and then raised the front of his jacket into and out of the water. Fascinating! :-)

So I developed a new Olympic sport, called Kid Jumping. Look for it in the 2012 games.

Benny's just takin in the world here...

I like to call this one, "the worst diaper blow-out of all time". Uh, nasty!! Ok, so it was just dirty sea foam, and he happened to sit in just the right place, haha.

The little man escaped!!! And with no clothes on to boot!!

I love my boy oh so much!!!!

Lastly, I leave you with a few pics Steve took on his cell phone when we did the STP. I had a few gnarly crashes. The leg one was 22 mph into gravel. Ouch. But the worst by far (as far as pain) was the road rash on my arms. I didn't shower for a week after because it hurt waaaaayyy too bad!!

Oh, a quick developmental update on Ben: he's now 31 inches tall and about 25 pounds. Super duper!! And he's starting to talk a lot more. He has one and two word phrases that he says....most of them only things that a mommy would understand. :-) But he's talking A LOT!!! He's all of a sudden gotten very verbal. He has lots of stories to tell and lots of things he needs to tell his toys every day. :-) Such a fun kid, boy are we blessed a million times over. Hope you all are enjoying the last month or so of summer. I'll update when I have more cool pictures! :-)


MSue and BMcD said...

You poor thing!! How the heck did you biff it so bad?!? Good for you guys though, doing STP, that's awesome!

Christy. said...

Hi Heather,
We met you at the AGCI seminar in July. It was so fun to find your blog through another AGCI blog.
We are still praying about adopting. I am ready to jump in but my husband is still praying about it.
We met a family this week that I had met by blogging. They adopted a toddler boy from ET and they were visiting PDX from Arizona. It was so fun to meet another little guy from ET.
Your little guy's pictures from the beach were adorable!
You can check out my blog at

Just Grandma said...

What a joy Benny is!! He lights up our world...such an incredible blessing! The pictures at the beach show, so well, his happy little nature. And Mom's!! (You'd take the gold, Heather!)

COURTNEY said...

So cute!! Looks like he had a blast :)

The Redman's said...

New update please!!! :) How about one with the cute pics you took with Almaz!! Hint, hint. :) Miss you guys. When are you coming to WA???

Kayla said...

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By the way, cute pics of Ben! He is so adorable.

COURTNEY said...

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